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Teen Wolf Fanfiction: Inventionem Amor - Part I Stydia

Summary: AU. Lydia had traveled the world, alone. Being a vampire, she didn’t want the betrayal of having people around her that she cared about. The McCall pack have sought her out for answers of their own. She finds out that her once best friend, whom she dreams constantly about, is missing and that Stiles has a rage that is similar to her own and feelings for her that she wished he wouldn’t.

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Bellarke Fanfiction Interview with a Broken Heart Chapter 1

Summary: AU. The interviewer found a video camera and somehow got it working (probably Monty’s handy work). For the amusement and morale, he’s going around interviewing everyone on the subject of the chemistry between Clarke and Bellamy - their esteemed leaders. The camera has caught some interesting moments. Bellarke. Other pairings featured.

Chapter 1

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You’re a Slave to Me - Chapter 1 - Charloe fanfiction

Summary: “You slimy piece of shit, you bought me you son of bitch!” she exclaimed, her eyes narrowed in contempt. He smiled coyly. “Come now Charlotte, you gave me no choice,” he said as his eyes rested on her attire. “Though I must admit, the dress does look quite lovely.” It started out as a way to save her, to keep her out of trouble. But then he enjoyed having her as his to own.

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Strong, Ageless, Fearless - Klaroline fanfiction chapter 2

He rushed toward her, grabbing her cheeks in his hands as he did a quick once over with his eyes. It was all healing, he could hear and see that much.

He looked into her eyes and as blue met blue, he knew that it had been a foolish mistake for him to leave her with Marcel earlier, out of a jealous rage. She didn’t deserve such treatment, she didn’t deserve to be hurt like she’d been tonight.

"I’m so sorry, Caroline," he spoke softly.

Her eyes glistened in the moonlight, clearly tears had made their way to the surface.

And then she did something she’d never done and leaned into him. “Thank you,” she sighed.

Klaus was surprised, but nonetheless, he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity to hold her, so he put his arms around her small form with a hand wrapped in her hair and the other around her middle back.

"Shh sweetheart, its alright. I’m here," he said softly as he rested his cheek on hers.

She nodded and held him tight, her mind doing backflips about how much more pain she could have gone through, if not for him. Sure she was immortal and invincible now, but one against five? Even Klaus had been dessicated by three against one and although they wouldn’t have been able to kill her, that didn’t mean she didn’t feel pain.

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Strong, Ageless, Fearless Chapter 1 Klaroline fanfic

"…and again I ask, what’s in it for me?”

"You’ll get the one thing you want most in this world," began Bonnie, realising she had to give Katherine something so that she would do what Bonnie wanted her to do. “Freedom, survival, never having to run from anyone again. Once I’ve dropped the veil I can speak to Qetsiyah. She created the spell that made Silas truly immortal; invulnerable to any weapon. You’d like that for yourself, wouldn’t you?”

Katherine leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest, staring at Bonnie with scrutiny.

"I can give it to you."

"Bonnie Bennett, we have a deal."

This was her penance for everything that she’d done. She would make a new Original family, better than the first. Better than Silas.

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I’ve Loved You For A Thousand Years - Chap 8 - Klaroline fanfic

She’d seen him a few times like this. Was it really because of her?

"Maybe so, but I see through you too," she said but stopped for a moment, wondering what she was doing. She was about to say that it was an act, all the killing, the threatening all of it. That he could be so much more if he just gave in.

But he didn’t deserve to hear the truth. He didn’t deserve to hear that she was still so in love with him that she wished she could give in too. And so she lied.

"You’re nothing but a monster. You can’t love, you can’t feel. Not for me, not for anyone. I gave you a chance, so many times and everytime you choose the wrong way. I will never help you!” she screamed angrily, stepping forward to point at him.

Klaus was so angry, he began to shake. How dare she? Before he knew what was happening he had her pinned against the car, crushing her arms. Blood came streaming down and droplets of blood landed on the ashphalt.

His eyes flashed yellow for a moment and Caroline’s turned black, her veins turning black, almost like adrenaline. They were so close and so, for the first time without thinking, she leaned forward and caught his lips on hers.

But before he could react, she pulled away, eyes wide with incredulity.

"C-caroline," he began with clear shock upon his face. He let go of her arms and she used that opportunity to wrench open her car door, jump in the drivers seat and lock the doors.

This moment allowed Klaus to come back to reality. Caroline started the engine, ignoring Klaus’s voice outside the glass, pleading for her to get out. He began to knock angrily but she ignored him.

Caroline,” he exclaimed but just as he was about to threaten to pull off the door, she reversed the car and pulled out.

Klaus watched her leave, clenching his fists furiously. She couldn’t just kiss him and leave! He hadn’t even had an opportunity to kiss her back which was something he was dying to do.

Suddenly his phone vibrated. He pulled the cell out of his jacket pocket to see that it was from Caroline.

I forgot to say that I’m worried about Kol. You have to promise me you’ll protect him.

Klaus frowned, it wasn’t exactly what he’d been expecting.

I will.

But he always broke his promises and this was a promise that he’d wanted to keep.

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I’ve Loved You For A Thousand Years - Chap 7 - Klaroline fanfic

He stared at Rebekah, lying peacefully in her coffin. It had been a few days since it happened and he was thankful that Caroline hadn’t been there to interfere with what needed to be done. It was too dangerous for Rebekah to be around, plus, he couldn’t risk her ruining his plans.

If only he could do the same to Caroline too.

"She’ll never forgive you," said Stefan’s dreary voice from behind him.

"Who?" asked Klaus, not really sure if he meant Caroline or Rebekah herself.

"Caroline, obviously. Rebekah always ends up forgiving you," said Stefan, rolling his eyes, as if it were obvious.

Klaus stared down at his sister’s lifeless body, hating Stefan’s words, because they were true. He knew she would. And even though Caroline and Rebekah were at odds before, he knew Caroline loved her and cared about her dearly.

"Perhaps, but eventually she will. Maybe in a decade or even a century, but at least she’ll be thankful because Rebekah will still be alive," said Klaus as he closed the lid to the coffin and turned around to face Stefan.

Stefan stood in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. “Did you get any information out of Connor?”

Klaus shook his head. “Not yet.” He walked past Stefan and out into the foyer. Stefan followed closely behind. He hated siding with Klaus on this but it was the only way.

"Why did you offer up one of your hybrids?" asked Stefan as he headed for the front door. He turned his head to look at Klaus, trying to once again understand Klaus. He was the most complicated person he’d ever met.

The hybrid, whom was heading toward the dining area to finish off a drawing he begun last night, turned to look at Stefan. A look of sincerity upon his face.

"To try and show her…that I’m trying. How can you love someone for a thousand years, Stefan?" asked Klaus, genuinely trying to understand the woman he fancied.

Stefan shrugged. “I’d imagine it would be agonising really. After knowing that you were in love with her best friend I really pitied her. How long can you really watch the person you love be with your best friend?” Or brother.

Immediately thoughts of Elena and his brother came to life in his head. Stefan turned away and opened the front door, trying to block out thoughts of his own turmoil. “But the thing with Caroline is, she’s had to live with that for a thousand years. I used to be afraid of her after finding out that she was friends with you. Turns out, I was wrong about her.”

Klaus listened to Stefan. He stood in the middle of the foyer, grasping the fact that perhaps he wasn’t the only one who had been lonely all these years. Nor was he the only one who had been betrayed either. But he couldn’t just change overnight and be understanding and forgiving like Caroline was.

"She’s my friend, Klaus. In fact, I could almost say she could be my best friend. She’s done everything to protect Elena and all of us, from you…from a lot of things. Just leave her alone, you don’t deserve her."

Before Klaus could angrily voice his opinion, Stefan was gone.

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Lie To Me Chapter 3 Klaroline Fanfiction

"Thank you for saving me again," said Caroline with a smile as she realised she wasn’t actually in danger.

She still held his forearm as her hand moved down his jacket to his hand. She squeezed it, causing Klaus to widen his eyes in utter surprise. “Thank you for explaining to me what happened, I really do appreciate it, Klaus,” she said with sincerity.

She felt like hugging him and to be honest, she just felt like kissing him. She’d never admit anything like that to anyone but she was really attracted to him it was obscene. She wasn’t exactly sure why, but she’d felt it ever since she saw him again at her house.

She continued to hold his hand as he turned to face her properly, his hand grabbed her upper arm softly as they stared at each other oddly. He tried to ignore the way he felt when her hand went into his, it was just too…nice. He didn’t do nice. He wanted to pull away immediately but found himself entranced.

"I’d never hide anything from you." Lies. "I’ll always protect you." More lies.

He wished he could back up those statements but knew if it came to it, he would protect himself always. No matter what he felt for Caroline. Even if she hated him forever, he would always choose himself. He always did. But in this moment, he truly wished he could give away his fears and give into her because right now she made him feel wanted; needed. She looked at him like he was a saviour and almost like she wanted more contact, however, he pulled away after a long intense stare.

"I need to make a call," he said gruffly, breaking their intimate moment.

Caroline blinked, realising he was gone.

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Chapter 6 - I’ve Loved You For A Thousand Years - Klaroline fanfic

"I…I love you, Niklaus," she breathed as her eyes began to fill up with unshed tears.

His eyes were open and looking at her. It was freaky but at the same time, she was glad that he was aware of what she was saying. He had to be. And even if he didn’t remember, she still felt a whole lot better knowing that she had got it off her chest.

"I have loved you for a thousand years. God its good to finally be able to admit it to you," laughed Caroline as the unshed tears finally fell. "You never even thought that you could be loved and everytime you said it, I died. Every day I died, waiting for you. Waiting for you to realise, but you never did. I tried to save you, so many times. I tried so hard to try and make you see that there could be a way to feel wanted; to feel loved. Of course, its too late for…well, you and me. But there could be someone out there who is made for you Niklaus. You just have to open your heart. Forget your hybrids; forget your need to demonstrate your dominance because where does it lead you in the end?”

Bonnie’s eyes were wide at the revelation she had just witnessed. And for now, she could sort of see why Caroline had betrayed them. Because love did that to a person. They did silly things; made stupid decisions.

Caroline took a deep breath, trying to stop herself from breaking down in sobs. It was all too hard because he had crept into her heart so long ago and now he would never leave.

"And so here we are. I tried to stop them, to make the Salvator’s realise that I could be trusted so that they wouldn’t go after you but everytime, you gave them more reason to do it. I’m at my wits end, Niklaus. You tried to take Elena away, you tried to take Rebekah away. I’ve loved a man who takes everything I hold dear away without a care. I’ve spent a thousand years, watching your humanity leave you bit by bit. Michael tortured me and still I loved you and didn’t give you up. I’ve saved you god knows how many times but you keep hurting me and everyone around you. I came to Mystic Falls with the sole purpose to save Elena from you because I wanted to make one last effort to show you that you could live your life happily without killing people, without threatening people and trying to achieve horrible goals, like breaking your curse," said Caroline before she looked away for a moment, deep in thought.

"But not anymore. You made me fail. You’ve finally shown me that I can’t. I’m going to try to forget about you, I’m going to move on. Elena is my friend and the people here have been more than kind to me. My top priority now, is Elena’s protection. So when you wake, just know…I tried…for you.”

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Chapter 5 - I’ve Loved You For A Thousand Years - Klaroline fanfic

Will edit with pic and preview (just at work ATM - naughty me!)

Here is the preview:

"What is it?" she asked absently, thinking it wasn’t anything too dire, but as she looked over, she saw Niklaus standing there with a white suit on.

And as always, he looked amazing…sexy. She shut her eyes for a moment but didn’t pull away from Tyler’s hold but looked up at Klaus as he approached them.

"Where have you been, mate?" asked Klaus, but she didn’t miss the dangerous tone and aura he was emitting.

"I just got back in town," said Tyler hesitantly, not sure of what he was going to tell his ‘sire’.

Caroline and Tyler still sort of rocked to the music, despite knowing that Klaus was going to interrupt them.

"That’s funny,” said Klaus sarcastically. “I don’t recall giving you permission to leave in the first place.”

Caroline rolled her eyes, still very much angry at Niklaus for their arguement and yes, she was going to stick to what she said. She would no longer help him in anyway.

"You don’t mind if I cut in, do you?" said Klaus as he walked forward, stopping just in front of them.

"Yes actually, we do," she said in annoyance.

Klaus looked at Caroline with slight rejection but then narrowed his eyes at Tyler, obviously non-verbally telling him to rack off.

"No…its fine," said Tyler reluctantly, remembering that he still had to pretend to have the sire-bond in tact. He looked at Caroline before backing away.

Caroline looked at Tyler pointedly and as Tyler fully moved away from her she snapped her annoyed gaze at Klaus. She walked forward with plans to berate him.

"Why do you always have to prove you’re the alpha male?" she snapped, stopping in front of him with a hand on her hip.

Tyler watched the two interact for a minute, before moving off the dance floor. However, he did watch them from a dark corner and listened to their conversation.

"I don’t have to prove anything, love. I am the alpha male!” he said, obviously slightly offended that she didn’t recognise that.

Caroline rolled her eyes and looked away for a second before her gaze fell back on Klaus.

"Come on, one dance," he said more softly this time. "I won’t bite." Klaus held out his hand for her to take, which she did, reluctantly.

He was leaving after all, so she would indulge him this once. She ignored the fact that she wanted this; she wanted to dance with him one last time before she cast him from her mind forever.

"No, but you break bones just as well," she said as she remembered how he’d hurt her earlier that day.

He’d ruined her leather jacket too, not that he cared about that. Klaus pulled her close to him as he wrapped an arm around her lower back and pulled her hand into his.

"I am sorry about that, love," he whispered softly in her ear with sincerity.

She looked over his shoulder, ignoring his genuine apology.

"Sure you are. I meant what I said," she said, holding her head high. She wouldn’t let him break her down. He’d made his choice and so had she.

"C’mon love. We had a spat, I’m over it already," he said seriously as he looked down at her.

She truly looked exquisite tonight, her silky locks curled, her red lipstick, the red dress which made her look the part of a 1920’s girl perfectly. But the annoyance in her eyes was bothering him.

"Good for you, Niklaus," she said with defiance.

"You should be nicer to me, I’m leaving," he said, pulling her a bit closer.

He loved the feeling of her in his arms but in a different way to what he was used to. Before it was comforting to have her in his arms but now, it was because he fancied her. It was just now that he realised that he did.

"Why should I? I told you, our friendship is over. I’ve seen the error of my ways and I have you to thank for it, as usual. So yes, let us enjoy this one dance because it will be the last," she said, hiding the hurt and regret inside.

Klaus’ grip tightened slightly. “You don’t mean that-“

"Don’t I?" she asked with a raised eyebrow as she glared up at Klaus.

She watched as his gaze hardened and his jaw tightened in rejection. “No, you don’t. Because I know you Carolena. That small town boy over there doesn’t. Small town boy, small town life, it won’t be enough for you.”

Caroline pulled away from him, effectively ending their dance. She looked up at him with anger and it was as if they were the only two people in the room, according to them right in that moment.

"That’s the thing, Niklaus. You don’t know me. Not anymore and to be honest I don’t think you ever did. I could have had a life, I could have been happy at least for a while but I haven’t. I gave up everything to help you, to make sure you didn’t do something you’d regret but I failed every single time. And now here I am in Mystic Falls, I’ve protected you, helped you survive; I came to save you, Niklaus. Everything I’ve done to achieve that goal has not made you see. But its too late, I can see that now. You don’t care about anybody but yourself and you’ve never cared about me. I’m sorry, but its the end.”

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Tell Me Your Story - Part III - Klaroline fanfic

You should have done what I asked, Caroline. You should have just fixed my problem, but you didn’t. So I had no choice but to show you just how cruel I can be. If I can’t be happy, then neither can you. I’m sorry, but I’m selfish. You fix this and I won’t tell anyone else.


Caroline raced out of the dormitory room, back to her car and sped toward the Mikaelson mansion to try and fix what ever it was Damon had told him.

He answered the door but she was greeted with a cold, heartless look that chilled her to the bone. He was sizing her up and eventually he found that her mere presence sickened him.

"What did he tell you?" she asked straight out.

It had been raining. Yes, typical. Maybe when all these horrible things happened to people, even God knew that now was the time to cry. Because he let it rain down on her, ruining her perfectly curled ringlets, her make up, her nicely ironed clothes.

But really, the only thing ruined was her. The other things could be fixed. She could re-dry and curl her hair. She could touch up her make up and she could re-iron her clothes. But she couldn’t make Klaus look at her again like she was an angel and she couldn’t take back what Damon had told him.

"Does it matter? I never want to see you again and if I do, I’ll be forced to tell the authorities of your extra-curricular activities," he spat coldly.

"I was drunk one night. I was at a weak point in my life. He was on a break with Elena and it just happened. But it was so long ago-"

Klaus narrowed his eyes at her. “I pegged you right from the beginning. You are a liar and you are a user. I want nothing to do with someone pathetic like you, Caroline,” he said icily, his eyes showing what appeared to be extreme dislike or perhaps bordering on hate.

"How can you judge me for something that happened once and like a long long time ago?" she exclaimed, screaming over the pouring rain.

It was drenching her on the doorstep and she wondered why the Mikaelson’s, with all their wealth, hadn’t invested in some sort of shelter for people standing at their front door.

"A long time ago? You really did try to play me for a fool, sweetheart. And that is something I’m definitely not. I know you have been with him this whole time and pretending to plot against him so you could get closer to me. Was it the money you’re after? Maybe you fancied one of my brothers? Perhaps it was so I wouldn’t pass you onto the authorities? Or maybe its because you like to involve yourself in other peoples lives because you have a non-existant one of your own,” he snarled, gripping the gold door handle tightly in anger.

He’d been such a fool, why hadn’t he seen it? It was too good to be true for a woman like her to genuinely like a man like him. Maybe she did it so he wouldn’t give her to the authorities. Yes, that had to be it.

Caroline stared at him incredulously as silent betraying tears fell down her cheeks. She wiped some hair that was plastered to her face from the rain and pulled it behind her ear. She shook her head sadly.

"That’s a lie! I would never do that! He’s only saying that because I didn’t do as he asked and you really believe him over me?!" she screamed, again over the wind and pouring rain outside.

Klaus’ jaw clenched. His mind weighed the things Damon had said to him over in his mind and then what she had just explained. But unfortunately, his heart had been trodden on too many times in his life for him to believe her. To trust her. Trust was everything and he just didn’t have enough to give out anymore.

"I don’t care what you say-"

"Of course you wouldn’t. You think you’re the only one that bad things have happened to, well sorry, you’re wrong. I was really prepared to give my heart to you, or at least attempt to, but you’ve proven that was a mistake to even attempt to do so. I didn’t want my friend to be hurt by him. He’s a dick, he’s selfish!" she screamed as she threw a balled up piece of paper in Klaus’ face.

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I’ve Loved You For A Thousand Years - Part 4 - Klaroline fanfic

As they left, Stefan grabbed Caroline’s upper arm, forcing her to turn to look at him. He squeezed her arm with unnecessary force, out of anger.

"You keep saying you’re not on his side but everytime something happens, that’s where you are," said Stefan as she pulled her hand from his grasp.

They were on his doorstep with Klaus looking over at them from his SUV with concern.

"I thought we were friends, Caroline," said Stefan, trying to understand her view point. But if no one else could, how could he?

"We are, Stefan. One day you’ll look back on this and you’ll see why but right now, you just have to know that I’m not against you…only if you try to kill him," said Caroline with a tragic look on her face. Because she knew he wouldn’t stop.

"You really don’t understand do you? You want us to all live happily ever after with each other, well it doesn’t work that way! You have these ideologies of the world and its pathetic! We will never get along and if you help him in anyway, I take that as a sign that we’re on opposite sides,” he said sternly, his brow furrowed with clear regret on his face.

He had made himself clear before, telling her he would kill her if she got in the way, but this time it was more of an explanation for what he had said. They had been friends for a long time for over a hundred and fifty years, but with Klaus now in the mix she was making an enemy of them and she had to realise that.

Caroline looked at him and again the waterworks began; blinking them away and refusing to let anyone see it.

But how could she have not known that she would make enemies by trying to keep Klaus and his siblings alilve?

"I will protect Elena-" she began, isn’t that all that should matter?

"Its not enough Caroline! So really your goals are the same as his!” he spat as he glared at Klaus whom was now walking back toward them angrily.

He was looking at Stefan with a daring expression as he stopped behind Caroline. It seemed she was getting it from all sides, lately. And he would not allow anyone but him to speak to her like that.

"No! Its not like that. Look, just get the location of the stake and stop trying to kill him. He’s invincible anyway, why even try?” she said, trying to end this conversation and where it was leading.

Caroline was sick of trying to explain herself; trying to justify her stance to everyone. Couldn’t they just accept that she helped them sometimes and sometimes she helped Niklaus. Did there really have to be definitive lines?

Stefan shook his head, looking at her like she was worthless; pathetic. And she hated it.

"Come Caroline," said Klaus’ voice from behind her as he placed a palm across her lower back.

She involuntarily relaxed at his touch and sighed, pulling a loose strand of blonde hair behind her ear before her emerald orbs, glistening with tears, stared directly into his brown ones.

"I’m sorry Stefan. Truly I am. I’m sorry that you can’t see that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt any of you. I told you from the beginning that I would do anything I could as long as you didn’t try to kill Niklaus or the other Originals. I never sugar coated that or deceived you," she said coolly before turning and walking toward the car.

"Yeah, but it’ll always be him though, won’t it?" she heard Stefan say bitterly.

Caroline opened the car door and gave one small nod at Stefan, giving him her answer. Klaus smirked at him when Stefan’s hateful gaze rested on the Original’s.

"I hope you’re happy, Klaus," spat Stefan before storming back inside to continue his interrogation of Alaric.

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